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With no knowledge of his true heritage, a young rancher, Leon Waldman, must crank it up a notch when he is tossed into a legendary world of powerful skin-changers and deadly creatures of myth! 


Leon grew up working hard on his grandfather's ranch, dutifully sticking it out for the old man. But deep down he has dreams of his own and life just seems…off? 


Then there are all the odd changes that keep occurring, both to him personally and to the ranch in general. 


When Leon is eventually confronted with a shift in his reality, brought on by a testy bunch of mercenaries, all of those changes converge. For him and a few others with him, a door is forced open to a world of danger, steeped in mystery, a world beyond anything he could have ever imagined. 


Leon knows the mercenaries have plans that may or may not include him and the others, and the locals prove to be just as dangerous as they look.  


Come what may, he is determined to stick to a promise made to his grandfather, a promise to find a way home for him and those forced through the portal with him. To do so, he's going to have to push himself in ways he never thought possible, and a simple bone handled Blade may be the key to either making or breaking that effort.  


But before he can make good on any promises, he must learn to navigate this new mythical land with a rancher's grit, a unique set of powers, and some new friends along the way. 


In the end, the stakes will be higher than anyone suspects! 

Book no.1
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